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I feel comfortable with manual labor despite having a university degree

Cập nhật: 18 thg 8, 2019 lúc tháng 8 18, 2019

I have a university degree, but my parents are responsible for raising and educating me to work as a non-degree.

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Previous to college, my purpose was not to know the profession. I used to have time to skip school. The parents of my friends insulted me, had an unfriendly view of my family and banned you from playing with me. Therefore, I tried to go back to school and finish my studies, so I could get rid of vilification.
In addition, college is also a dream in childhood. I want to see a bigger school than the high school I used to study, sit in the lecture hall and experience what the student will be like, different from the time of the student. Honestly, I tried to go to college for those reasons more than learning to go to work.
When I choose an industry I look at the tuition table and choose the cheapest industry, not the one I like. After finishing school, I went to work as an office worker, because I didn't like to think much. Back home or obsessed with work data, tired and irritable, I switched to unskilled labor, although sometimes hard but I felt comfortable.
I feel that I am not the one who is able to bear the pressure of work, so I cannot follow the diploma, and many times explain to my parents that my university and the degree is not faulty, because I myself cannot adapt task. The most funny thing is that every time there is information about complimenting my school on television, the parents blame and criticize.
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