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Three young people went missing when bathing in Gia Lai

Updated: 18 Aug, 2019 lúc August 18, 2019

Six teenagers invited each other to the waterfall in Ia Grai district, Gia Lai province, playing the afternoon of August 18, during the shower, three people were lost in the water.

Cat Village Waterfall where three young people are missing.  Photo: Tran Hoa.
Cat Village Waterfall where three young people are missing. Photo: Tran Hoa. 
A group of 17-22 year old friends play at the waterfall in Meo village, Ia Grang commune. Four people jumped into the water, and Nguyen Dinh Quang (19) was drowned, crying out for help.
Seeing you in distress, Bui Van Duc (19 years old), Phan Viet Linh (22 years old) swam to rescue but was swept away by the water. Those who are left on the shore run to chant.
By the evening of the same day, local authorities mobilized dozens of people to search for victims but still haven't seen them.
Meo village waterfall is about 8 m high, the water is flowing fast, more than 50 km from Pleiku City. Around the waterfall there are many vertical rock pools.
Location of waterfalls in Ia Grang commune.  Photo: Google maps.
Location of waterfalls in Ia Grang commune. Photo: Google maps. 
"The spring is not very deep but due to the big rainy season. Among the three missing people, there is a young man from Phu Yen, the other two are in Ia Grai district", said Nguyen Phi Hung, Vice Chairman of the commune. Ia Grang, said.
 Tran Hoa